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Stone Industry Ltd. was founded 1.1.2009 as a family business successor of Vladimír Paracka – KAMEŇOVÝROBA founded 18.3.1991. However, Stonework craft is associated with the name Paracka since the 1970s. During this long-term presence, The Company which now employs 25 skilled workers has profiled as the TOP stonework company focused on cemetery architecture.

The Companys main activity is manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and installation of monuments. It also deals with implementation of major projects such as sculptures but also sacred and industrial objects and services. Experienced sales managers will present the best solutions to be the most consistent with the perceptions of customers in one of our showrooms or in a personal meeting.

Central warehouse and production is located in Myjava covering a total area of ​​7000 square meters with 3000 square meters built-up areas, manufacturing, warehousing and administration. The company offers 7,000 square meters of large format granite slabs, 1000 pcs head stones and granite slabs covers. The company uses the most advanced technologies for processing stone and is constantly improving to bring a new product to the market every year. In wholesale, the company is a supplier for 70 stone workshops in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The Companys main goal is to continuously improve the quality of products and sales related services.


Ing. Vladimír Paracka
C.E.O. Stone Industry Ltd.